Sparrow is a product reviews management platform for WooCommerce. It runs on cloud as SaaS application.

Sparrow allows you to collect product reviews from your online store customers by sending them a product review request (PRR) email. These emails are automatically triggered when someone makes a purchase on your store. 

How does it work?

First step of integrating Sparrow with your WooCommerce store is to sign up and connect your Store. Once done, you can then configure the product review request emails to match your branding. 

After this, whenever a customer purchases a new product on your website, we will send them an email request to submit a review. They can rate the product from 1 to 5 (5 being the highest) and choose to leave a review.

How does Sparrow help me?

Its a known fact the people read and trust online reviews because making any purchase online. With Sparrow you can automate this review collection process. You can show the collected reviews on your website using our Wordpress plugin. Or you can submit a reviews feed to Google. Both will help you in boosting your WooCommerce store sales by displaying star ratings in Google Ads and organic search, thus increasing your CTR.

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